Featured Elasmobranch-Slaty-spotted Guitarfish

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Featured Elasmobranch-Slaty-spotted Guitarfish

April 2012

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Slaty-spotted Guitarfish

Rhinobatos glaucostigma

Family Rhinobatidae

Identification: Dorsal surface of this species is grey-brown with symmetrical blue-grey spots around the eyes and back. The margins of the pectoral and pelvic fins are pale. There are irregular dark patches under the snout. The body is shark-like with a bluntly-pointed, moderately-long snout that has two central ridges. The spiracle has two rear fold. There are two large, equal-sized triangular dorsal fins, and an asymmetric tail without a lower lobe. The skin is covered with small denticles but is smooth to touch. There is a series of small blunt spines along the middle of the back, a single group above each shoulder and a few around each eye and spiracles.


Size: The maximum total length of this species is 89 cm TL. The size at birth and at maturity is unknown.


Distribution: The species is found in the eastern Central and Southeast Pacific from Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico to Ecuador including the Gulf of California.


Habitat: Tropical waters over soft bottom from shallow nearshore to 112 m depth.


Biology: There is little know about the biology of this species but, the reproduction is yolk-sac viviparity.


General Interest: This species is caught by artisanal gillnet fisheries off Bahia de Navidad, Mexico. There are commonly caught in Sonora and Sinoloa, Mexico coinciding with spring and summer months. There are also landed in Baja California Sur. This species is listed as Data Deficient on IUCN Redlist.

By: Maggie Armanino