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My interests focus mainly on biological statistics, community ecology, behavior of
elasmobranchs and behavioral responses of prey to those elasmobranchs. I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in the field of ecology.

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science and Mathematics at California State
University, Monterey Bay. I worked with Dr. Ebert as an undergraduate research assistant prior to attending Moss Landing Marine Laboratories for my Master’s work. My undergraduate capstone project was the redescription of the Bigeye Chimaera, Hydrolagus macrophthalmus. I also worked with Dr. James Lindholm analyzing deep water ecosystems as an undergraduate.

Upon completing my Bachelor’s Degree, I spent 3 months as a research assistant for the Shark Bay Ecosystem Research Project in Shark Bay, Western Australia. The project was studying alllevels of the ecosystem from the seagrass beds all the way up to the Tiger Sharks, Galeocerdo cuvier.


I will be conducting my Master’s Thesis on studying the trophic ecology of a deep water
community of elasmobranchs. This study will be done by analyzing the diet of the Brown
Catshark, Apristurus brunneus, and the Filetail Catshark, Parmaturus xaniurus. Samples were collected from the Monterey Bay Area by NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service). These diets will be analyzed through two traditional methods: Stomach Content Analysis and Stable Isotope Analysis. I am interesting in quantifying the diet of these organisms to influence fishery management practices on the Central Coast of California.